Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rhymes with orange

The current political atmosphere in the United States is disturbing. A few years ago, before GW was re-elected, my DH and I considered diasporange. Diasporange is the act fleeing a political jurisdiction to avoid changing political climate.

Canada seemed nice. But we had great friends and good jobs and couldn't quite imagine leaving. And we suffered through 4 more years of politics we didn't agree with. Then Obama was elected and the need to flee diminished. We had hope. For the record, I am still pleased with the things Obama has been able to accomplish. However, the pendulum has swung and and I am considering diasporange again.

For example, this legislation in GA which could conceivably allow women who have miscarriages to be charged criminally. That would make me and most of the women I know potential criminals.

Look at what is happening in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin democrat's flight from the Capitol was a prime example of quorange. Quorange being the act of fleeing a jurisdiction to avoid a legislative quorum. It is similar to diasporange. What are the next steps? Staying informed, not going crazy and plotting potential diasporange are certainly on the agenda.