Friday, September 21, 2007

Clutter Battles - Part 8

Some day I believe that I will let go of my "clutter battles" and move on to different topics. However, reporting here in my blog is keeping me on track. For anyone reading this - I appreciate your support!

Things out of the house:
Big steamer trunk
1 bag assorted computer equipment to Free Geek
1 pottery vase
2 pottery bowls
5 paintings
1 bag of baby clothes and baby toys
Half a box of books to Powell's

Things waiting to go out:
1 bag nice kids clothes
2 pottery bowls
2 pottery vases
~ 10 paintings
Clothes to Full Circle Consignment
1 bag plus some books to Goodwill

Things to go through:
Lots of books
Clothes that don't fit me
Lots of boxes of paper (?!?!)

Things / Places to organize:
Art supplies in playroom (K started doing this - thank you K!)

Things I don't know what to do with:
My art (although I have started giving it away to friends and family)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clutter Battles - a boost

Thank you B & B for giving me the ability to utilize the services of Kathie England, personal organizer! I wrote about her in several previous posts. Many of the surplus material goods are out of the house but what I am left with is mostly paper. Let me rephrase that and say, "paper - the bane of my existence". (Do I really need my second grade standardized test scores? I think not.) In some ways I want to wait until I make some more progress getting material things out so I can focus on the paper but I know myself and what I need to do is to call her ASAP so that I can get on her schedule. Knowing I have a meeting on the books will spur me to action. But realistically, I will take a week to mentally prepare to start working on the "paper project".

Thanks again!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dark, Important and Dangerous

Have you ever played the fortune cookie game (see popular culture section)? It is where you read your fortune cookie aloud and add the words, "in bed" at the end. Here are a few examples:

* "A secret admirer will soon send you a sign of affection" would read "A secret admirer will soon send you a sign of affection in bed"

* "Love is for the lucky and the brave" would read "Love is for the lucky and the brave in bed"."

Of course it doesn't always work but it can be amusing. Last week we played the super fun game Apples to Apples. In the game you need to match the nouns in your hand to the adjective card on the table. At the end of the game, assuming you won some hands, you end up with some adjective cards. We decided to say that these adjectives described us. So according to that, I am "dark, important and dangerous". I felt bad for the person who got "lumpy" (sorry Nicole!).