Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clutter Battles - a boost

Thank you B & B for giving me the ability to utilize the services of Kathie England, personal organizer! I wrote about her in several previous posts. Many of the surplus material goods are out of the house but what I am left with is mostly paper. Let me rephrase that and say, "paper - the bane of my existence". (Do I really need my second grade standardized test scores? I think not.) In some ways I want to wait until I make some more progress getting material things out so I can focus on the paper but I know myself and what I need to do is to call her ASAP so that I can get on her schedule. Knowing I have a meeting on the books will spur me to action. But realistically, I will take a week to mentally prepare to start working on the "paper project".

Thanks again!

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