Friday, March 23, 2007

The need for creation

While I started this blog to work on my mixed feelings about creating things, stuff, I still yearn to create. Recently I was invited to participate in a class called SoulCollage. I didn't really know what the class would be about but I had a feeling that it was something I should do. I had received several other invitations to participate but never had the will to make it happen. When I found out that this would be the last class that this particular teacher would be teaching before she moved, I decided I just had to take the class.

Yes, it turns out that I will be creating my own personal deck of SoulCollage cards. But after going to the first class (in a series of five), I am so happy to be getting back to creating. However...the first, and only, card I created scared me! It is very intense. There are four suits in the SoulCollage deck. One suit is called the "Companions" which are animal guides which represent the chakras. In class we did a guided meditation to pick and animal and its related chakra. My animal guide appeared right away...and she was pissed! Don't let the cute mama part of the card fool you, there is a lot of emotion that needs to be released. This card is for my "root" chakra in which the primary functions are instinct and survival. Perhaps a fierce polar bear mama trying to survive in the wild aren't that far off.

On the website you can have a personal reading. This is a fun way to see some of the cards that others have created and possibly gain a little insight along the way.

My favorite company

I recently read an article online that solidified why Patagonia is my favorite company. I mean, what other company has the quote "There is no business to be done on a dead planet" etched into its front door? The quotation is from David Brower of the Sierra Club. Honestly, Patagonia goes right along with my whole idea behind this blog. We don't need a lot of stuff. Yes, Patagonia makes stuff. But they make good stuff. They make stuff that lasts. And they stand behind their stuff and take it back if it doesn't work the way it should.

I read Yvon Chouinard's book, Let My People Go Surfing, with nothing less than astonishment. Chouinard has chosen to do business in a way that runs counter to most businesses. There is heart in Patagonia and it shows. Check out what some businesses do with some of their annual sales: 1% for the Planet.

Ok, enough hero worship for one day.

Blogging doesn't suck

But apparently, I suck at blogging! Hello, it has been two months since my last post. It had been so long I couldn't remember how to access the blog! Yikes! And the company I work for is going gaga for da blogs. I need to do my share and join the revolution. Really join the revolution! Ok - here it is folks. I will post at least once per week. I think that is a good start and hopefully, I will do even more than that. If I don't me on it!