Friday, December 15, 2006

Minimalist Holiday

Here I am again, back in the same place I was last year, and the year before, and the year before that. Back in the "Oh, crud, it is the holidays and society says we are supposed to buy each other gifts." Usually, I make something for friends and family. Nothing big but definitely heartfelt. Generally it is something edible (or drinkable). Unfortunately, this year I have not had either the mental energy or the time to even think about gifts. Gifts are starting to roll in for me and my family and I am left with a sense of guilt that I am not doing more. I swear it is not that I am a miser!!! I just struggle so much with "stuff" that I don't want to foist "stuff" on other people. Now, I have bought gifts for my immediate family - but they are things that were requested or things I know are needed. When I find a gift that seems perfect, I will buy it. It is just that that rarely ever happens.

I have been getting a daily email from a website called, "Ideal Bite". Today's "bite" was about giving gifts to people who don't need anything. Here is the link: I am not posting this to give ideas for me (really - I don't need anything!) but to give ideas for other people.

Any idea how I can label my link instead of just posting the link???


Bob Gately said...

You can label your link in the compose mode by typing the label, highlighting it, and then clicking on the link button (4th from left after the font drop-downs) In the resulting pop-up just type the full URL of the page you want to send someone to. If you want to keep your page 'sticky' you can then switch to the html mode and enter a space and then target="_blank" after the "a href= part." The target blank part has to be inside the < > brackets.

It's difficult to show on this page because it's trying to process the html if I type it. I'll send a text file with the appropriate code. Just open as a text file with notepad or something, not word.

brooke said...

aw honey, it's ok! people can't help but give you gifts, so let 'em! you are off the hook my friend. nice post.