Thursday, August 23, 2007

Clutter Battles - Part 7 An Update

The progress continues and we are amazed at how clean and open our basement looks. Here is an update on the variety of things I have been dealing with.

Things I have gotten out of our house:
1 violin
1 large keyboard, stand and chair (lent out)
1 printer
1 book
1 Package w/3 books, shirt, sunglasses
2 bags shredded material
1 small bag of diaper covers
1 small bag of waffle style baby blankets
4 bags to Joanna
3 bags to Goodwill
1 CD

My new total of things out of the house is 60 "grocery bag units". And we are not done!!! All I can say is this has been really fun once we got going. We definitely have momentum. I will need all the momentum I can get to go through all the remaining paper which is the bulk of what is left.


William Hertling said...

Imagine how many more grocery bags you'll get rid of when you shred all that paper!

ering said...

The spectre of the mountain of paper is daunting.