Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One email inbox

Yesterday I had over 1700 emails in my work email inbox. Yes, 1700!!! Crazy, isn't it? After reading a post on Inbox Zero, I decided to tackle my email inbox instead of tackling a physical box this week.

I just started going through emails like mad. I sorted in all different ways. Most of the 1700 I file away. Some I deleted. I am currently left with 6 (as of this moment) and they are 6 that require attention I can't give them right now. I noticed that many emails I left there as reminders for action at a future date. It wasn't that the work needed to be done that second, it just needed to be done and that was my way of reminding myself.

I am going to see how clean I can keep my email inbox over the course of the next few days. And once I start my new job? I am going to save everything from my current job to CDs and biff it all off my computer. I want to start fresh.

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