Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good intentions

Back in June I made a weekly appointment with myself to keep working on clutter. I figured that if I spent 30 minutes a week on going through boxes, I would get through everything by October. Sigh. Here we are in October and while I know that I have made progress*, I have not made it through everything. Maybe I would have gotten farther along if my whole world hadn't imploded**.

Today I moved some book cases into my office which got a whole bunch of stuff off the floor. All well and good except I still need to go through most of it. But at least it looks pretty!

* Both yesterday and today I got rid of a entire car trunks full of stuff (consignment, Goodwill, plastics recycling, etc.). That is two entire car trunks full of stuff! Gone!

** New job, search for new nanny, new nanny, travel, speaking on multiple panels, planning events at work. Whew!

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