Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blog Vacation?

I guess my blog took an inadvertent vacation. I didn't mean to be gone so long (especially after blogging so much in November)! The holidays just got in the way. We were on kid duty 24/7 and even with my sister in town (god bless you M!) it was extremely exhausting. We didn't even get to play that many games of Scrabble. They say it gets easier...I am still hoping!

Speaking of Scrabble, my four year old knows that her dad and I both love the game. She knows that Grandma E and Auntie M also love it and she has been interested in playing. There is only one problem...she can't spell. Well, she can spell the names of all the people in our family (including the cat) but that is just about the extent of her abilities. I finally relented (at the behest of my DH) to play a modified game with her. I told her to pick some letters and spell out a word. The first letter she put down was a "X". I said, "R, I don't think you know how to spell any letters that begin with "X"." Her reply was, "Well I want to spell x-ray but I just don't know how." It cracked me up for several reasons. I don't think x-ray is in the official Scrabble dictionary but I let her have it anyway. :)

I realized while we were playing what a great game it is. You need to know how to spell, add, and multiply. Very cool. R beat me in her first game and we had a lot of fun. I look forward to playing with her for years to come.


Auntie M! said...

If anyone thinks that raising children is a breeze, I can chime in right now and say that child-rearing, and children themselves, make a good case for the theory of "perpetual motion" of the most exhausting kind. It's mind-bogglingly both busy and complex with expert problem-solving skills and mediation skills and diversionary tactics needed every moment. And yet all of that frantic activity is so well balanced with the sweet moments, and their infinite cuteness. Never have I witnessed such remarkably patient and loving parenting as E & W practice. (If you didn't learn that from a book, you could write one.)

And we do love the Scrabble. Shocking that we passed it up a few times for... um SLEEP! :-)

ering said...

Wow! Can I put that on my resume? It makes me (and W) sound so, I don't know, "official" as parents.

And yeah, that sleep thing. It gets us every time. :-)