Thursday, January 24, 2008

Temper Tantrum

Me: Are you mad a me?

W - dramatically: It's just...I didn't get any time to myself tonight. I had to do so many things. It felt like I had to keep doing things.

Me: What things?

W: The car stuff and I had to start the dishwasher.

Me: Why were you doing those things? Why did you start the dishwasher? I could have started the dishwasher.

W: You never start the dishwasher.

Me: I started the dishwasher last night.

W: I don't want to change the sheets! I hate changing the sheets.

Me: Oh, that's what this is about.

W: I never want to change the sheets again! Let's just get a new bed! And books! I don't have any books to read.

Me: I have books for you to read.

W: No - you don't have any books for me to read.

Me - looking in the closet where we keep the books: Yes, I do. Here is a Wen Spencer book. You like Wen Spencer.

W - wincing as he looks at the cover art: No thanks.

Me: No, you like this author. You liked that book called...what was it?

W - as I am paging through to find the name of the previous book sees something: Space ships? Does it say space ships?

Me: Yes, dear. It says space ships.

W: Ok, I'll read it.

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