Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Creative Spaces

I have a note by my desk that says, "I have a comfortable, organized space to do arts and crafts." It has been posted for several months and I haven't made any progress toward it. My artistic endeavors these days are more uncomfortable with boxes precariously perched on my stool while I am trying to lean in awkward angles to actually do the art. Reality is about two extremes. On one hand, you have a space that is comfortable and organized. On the other, you have something disorganized and in a sense, a space that works against trying to create art. I don't like trying to create in a disorganized space but I realized today that the other extreme isn't right for me either. For me, at least in my current creative mindset, art is elusive. It is a muse that comes to call occasionally. In the best of times, I can invite her in and give her a cup of tea while I create. In the worst of times she gets ignored and the creative urge leaves with her. But the thing is, even if she comes, she doesn't always stay until I am finished. Some times she leaves me mid-project. I think I will forever be the type of person that has projects in a variety of stages. And I feel ok with that reality. Now, I still would like to have a more inviting space that lends itself to creativity, but that vision has yet to reveal itself to me.

What about you? What type of space do you create best in? What is your idea space? Do you currently have projects in various states?

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Anonymous said...

A loaded topic for me - as I'm sure it is for you, given that we came from the same family.
~~~There was such joy in creating in our house growing up. Daddy made me believe we could do anything. And the resounding "I can do THAT!" it turns out, actually exceeds my abilities in more cases than I'd imagined. [Darn, had to take off the SuperCrafter Super Hero Cape!!!!] But of course what goes with that was the thinking that we could do ALL the arts, and ALL the crafts, all of the time.
~~~Later I learned the concept of picking something and sticking with it. Following the path of mastery, as it were.
~~~These days, my work days are very long and so, for the most part, there is a moratorium on buying craft supplies and starting projects. Because if the muse doesn't abandon me before it's complete, then my abilities, or clock time abandons me.
~~~I can feel sad about that, or, I can ponder the idea that there will be other phases in my life when I have more free time and I can pick some of those things back up again. ~m.