Friday, August 1, 2008

Box update: at work

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am moving from a spacious cube at work to a much smaller cube. I am supposed to self-move on Tuesday but am unclear as to whether my phone and LAN will be moved by then. Thursday was my last day in a job I'd held for 8 years and after cleaning out my new cube (of dirt, dust, and office detritus) I realized that I needed to do some more "shedding". So, I got to it and cleaned out several older boxes. When I left yesterday, there were 6 boxes (one of which has my computer stand and foot stand) and two large plants. I know there is one box that I still need to go through but I am still feeling good about the amount of stuff I let go. I feel like I can start fresh in my new job.

Monday I have no plans (well, that isn't entirely true - I have many things on my list but nothing I have to do). I am hoping to spend some of it refreshing my knowledge of Getting Things Done and 43 Folders. Getting a new job means I have a fresh start and I want to have a plan!!!

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