Friday, August 1, 2008

Box update: some hard stuff

Last weekend I took the opportunity to go through a box from 1993 (ish). Wow. That one brought back a lot of memories. Sort of one of those "good, bad, ugly" experiences. In simple terms, the good was that I cleared out another box. The bad was that now I have a huge pile of shredding to take care of. The ugly? In 1993 your entire credit card number would have been on a receipt (which accounts for the larger than normal pile of shredding).

In more complex terms, the box brought up a host of complicated feelings involving lost loves and missed chances. That sounds like it is about romantic love and I guess tangentially it is. But more it is about the fact that I was so focused on a boy (whom I now refer to as my "evil ex-boyfriend" - you do the math) that I missed out (ruined) some really important friendships that I had in my life. And you know, 15 years later, I don't believe those friendships have ever recovered. One is gone altogether - I get news only through common friends. I am still friends with the other person but not in the same way. Is it a curse of growing old (getting responsibilities, partners, etc) that you lose those deep relationships? Sigh.

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