Friday, April 27, 2007

Taking advantage of Web 2.0

I am trying to make the blogging experience as easy as possible for myself. In order to do that, and to keep my commitment to posting at least once per week, I am trying to gather tool which can simplify the experience. Two things that I am doing are 1) starting up my mobile blogging ability and 2) adding a way to postpone blogs. I am using a service called Emailschedule, which can be used to send a blog post whenever you want it to. I tried to do this with blogger directly but it wouldn't let me. I am going to use it on this post. I am writing this on April 27th but I am going to set it to post on April 28th. If you notice that it works, post a comment! I am also trying to put use a little html so we shall see what happens!


ering said... it didn't work. But I think that was a problem on my end. I will go back and try again. At least I know that a) I can successfully post from Emailschduler and b) my html tag worked!

Anonymous said...

Just a tip - is the best for blogging, and to schedule email in general!