Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One more box

We love when our family comes to visit. Not only because we love our family but also because it always spurs us into "high cleaning gear". This is good for our guests and good for us. Today, I emptied a very large moving box. It felt really good to clear some more floor space. I certainly have many more boxes to go (optimistically, I would estimate 16 plus 4 grocery bags) but it is getting better all the time. If I could go through 1 box and bag a week, I could be be through them all by the end of October. Now wouldn't that be great?

Ok - I am going to set a date with myself once a week for the next 16 weeks and get through it all. When I am done, I will hang the beautiful hanging picture frame in my office (because there will be room!) as a treat. Then, I think the next step will be the organization of all the remaining precious items and craft supplies. But really - one step at a time.

What could you do once a week for the next 16 weeks?

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