Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day 1: Nanowrimo


Goal: 1,667 words (per day)

Progress: 1,774 words.

Impressions: As usual, my writing has taken off in a direction I wasn't expecting. I said I was going to write a cyberpunk novel but now I don't know what it is...cyberpunk? Sci-fi? Fantasy? A combination of all three with spirituality mixed in? I have to remind myself to write a book that I want to read, to write about characters I want to know. It is hard to rein in the writing beast sometimes. I also have to remind myself to just write, write, write! Editing comes later. W wrote over 2,000 words today! Yahoo! Go W!

Likelihood of finishing: 100%. OK, just kidding! Who can say on the first day? I met my goal today which puts me in an optimistic mood. We shall see how the coming days go...I remember Thanksgiving being a pain to work around when I did Nanowrimo the first time and had only one kid. Now I have 3. Gulp.

Super Goal: Bank enough words that I don't need to write on Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving (so I can shop - JUST KIDDING). This would move my goal to 1,785 words per day.

Just wait - soon I will break out the graphing tools. Yeah!

Are you doing Nanowrimo this year? How are you doing?

Super secret admission: I just decided to do this yesterday. What was I thinking???

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