Sunday, November 18, 2007

Days 17 & 18: Nanowrimo


Words written so far: 30,508 total. You know that silly dance that may or may not be called "churning butter"? I am doing that one in my head right now!

Impressions: The interesting ideas of the 16th have paid off. I had a really fun day of writing today. Actually, truth be told, I was on FIRE. I read two different Nanowrimo pep talks today and they did help. They helped me realize that if I could just get to 30K, everything would fall into place. They reminded me to keep writing and more importantly, as I have written here before, to write things I am interested in. Today I wrote about all sorts of crazy stuff some of which you can read here.

Likelihood of finishing NaNoWriMo: 100%. They say after 35K, it is a downhill slide (in a good way). I feel good about this and where the story is going. It is not dead ending like I keep thinking it will and is keeping my interest.

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