Friday, November 9, 2007

Day 8: Nanowrimo (and NaBloPoMo)

You may be wondering why I am writing about Day 8 on what is technically Day 9. Well, last night I was thinking that I would get to bed a little earlier and post this today. But the day has gone by and now I am needed to actually work on my book and I have this hanging over my head. Hmmm...not sure what is a better way to do things. I guess I will have to wait to see how I feel tonight.

Day 8 words written: 13,767 total. This is above my normal day's goal but below my super goal. I am leaving it black.

Impressions: I figured a way out of my dilemma of characters who couldn't speak to each other. That was fun. Now I need to work on pulling all the parts of the story together. Because I created an outline before I started writing, and I have been writing to the outline, I have more like a series of short stories right now. They are all vaguely related but I need to tie them all together.

Writing is hard work and at the same time it is easy. I want to go back and edit but I know now is not the time for that. As I read over what I have written, I see so much room for improvement. And yet, I like what I am writing. I guess my question bad does a story need to be to abandon it? Or how good does a story need to be to pursue it?

It is easy because once you turn it on, it just flows out (on a good day). I never know what is going to happen!

Likelihood of finishing NaNoWriMo: 0% unless I can get healthy. Otherwise I may not have the energy.

Likelihood of finishing NaBloPoMo: ditto.

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William Hertling said...

how did you go from 100% likely to 0% likely in ONE DAY? i thought you were way ahead of the game?!?