Monday, November 12, 2007

Social Networking Explosion

W: Dave just got a new job. It is more secure and just got Class A funding.

Me: WTF - I just got an invitation from a guy named "David" inviting me to join something called "Plaxo" (what a horrible name). It turns out it is Dave and he wants me to join and then yesterday I got an invitation from Eric to join "Plaxo" as well. Is that all they do - join social networking sites? Who has time for that?

W: Yes. And if you are having trouble managing your subscriptions, I have a social network management tool and I can send you an invitation.

Me: That is funny. I should blog about this.

W: It could be your blog post for the day.

And it is...


Maureen said...

I would like to see more posts like this one please. This is the juicy stuff I go to for! :-)

Indigo Moonwater said...

yeah, I can relate to this , I havea few feinds who must spend loads of time social networking. One especially is in more groups than I can keep track of and he repeteadly invites me to join.

ering said...

thank you both for your comments. it is definitely viral and gets spread via invitations through email. the problem is, I am just not getting the point of the sites. i am a memeber of and have briefly used linkedin but why would you ever want to be part of more than one site? and who has time to maintain all the sites? what does it buy you? i am baffled!