Monday, November 5, 2007

Day 5: Nanowrimo (and NaBloPoMo)


Daily goal / alternative "finish early" goal: 1,667 / 1,786 words
Today's goal / alternate "finish early" goal: 8,333 / 8,929 words total

My total words written: 9,812 words total (I so wanted to get to 10K tonight but I am just too dang tired.)

Impressions: What a difficult writing day! I was on fire yesterday. Today, not so much. I didn't like where the story headed today. I am hoping that I will be able to pull it out of it's current direction tomorrow.
You may have noticed that I have an "alternative "finish early" goal". This is how many words I have to write if I want to finish in 28 days instead of 30. I figure it is a little bit of insurance against a day when I might want to skip writing.
I also have a spreadsheet that I have created to chart my progress. What can I say? I have an engineering degree!

Likelihood of finishing NaNoWriMo: 100% only because I am still on track but honestly

I am too tired to think about it right now.
Likelihood of finishing NaBloPoMo: Still going...

Super Goal: Same as our whole family get healthy.

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