Sunday, November 4, 2007

Day 4: Nanowrimo (and NaBloPoMo)


Daily goal / alternate "finish early" goal: 1,667 / 1,786 words

Today's goal / alternate "finish early" goal: 6,666 / 7,143 words total

My total words written: 7,753 words total (What do you think of the color coding?)

Impressions: I like this story. It isn't particularly a new story...but what story is? I think I have figured out a plot although I am not sure how the prologue I wrote fits in to the current storyline. Either I am going to have to come up with a link or I am going to have to write it off (pun intended) as a warm up exercise.

I am having serious issues which I am not addressing right now. They are in the areas of consistency of voice and dialogue. I am not a regular writer so to some extent, I don't know how to a) choose a voice and b) do non sucky dialogue. Will writing a lot help? Or do I need to focus on learning how to do these things? Since I have no time to learn (only time to write and blog) I will have to hope it is the former and not the latter. I will leave these problems until NaNoEdMo (or perhaps sooner) unless anyone has any great ideas they want to share.

Is there anything anyone out there would like to know about this experience? Just post a comment and I will reply to your post.

Likelihood of finishing Nanowrimo: 100%.

Likelihood of finishing NaBloPomo: I am still going strong (can you say that if you are just on day 4 of 30 days?).

Super Goal: Help our whole family get healthy!!!

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